Professional Services

Professional Support Services

In addition to my work in the academy, I offer tailored professional support, administration, and consulting services on a contract basis.

Humanities specialists, and philosophers in particular, are enormous assets outside of the academy. That’s why businesses are hiring “practical philosophers” as consultants, and tech companies like Google need philosophers.

Professional support services can mean many things, from high-level ideation and creative input, to operations and administrative support, to streamlining organizational systems and processes, to copywriting and copyediting, and more. Often it simply means having a highly skilled and experienced generalist on-hand, ready to assist with whatever needs doing: an invaluable asset.

I am a professional support veteran, with over 8 years of experience partnering with professionals of all stripes, in a wide range of different industries. My clients have included startup founders, creatives, academics, nonprofit and business executives, and more.

See the value of having a highly-skilled professional support specialist in your corner, ready to integrate into your existing teams and workflows remotely, with support tailored to you.

If you’d like to begin a partnership, or you’re interested in learning more, please reach out via my contact form.